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Board of Directors

Mike Brennan, Chair Navigant Consulting

Michael Grzelakowski, Vice Chair Accenture

Meg Prost Munaretto, Treasurer Program Volunteer

Richard Stefan, Secretary Accretive Health

Ann Deuel, One Hope United

Greg Gienko Grand Properties, LLC

Kristine Kenney Program Volunteer

Scarleth Lever Ortiz Chicago Housing Authority

Edgar Nieto Cook County Juvenile Court

Jeff Norby Multi Packaging Solutions

Sr. Kathy Overmann, D.C. Daughter of Charity, Marillac St. Vincent Family Services

Michael Pins, M.D. Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

Sr. Jean Rhoads, D.C. Daughter of Charity Provincial Council

Tom Schufreider Sethness Products Company

Lee McDonnell, Director Emeritus

Heather Sattler, Executive Director


Associate Board

Jennifer Ceisel

Kelly Diedrich

Jenna Johnson

Tim Menich

Javier Mulero

Anne Munaretto

Edgar Nieto

Antonio Rugo

Guadalupe Saenz

Molly Sullivan

James Escortt, Jr., staff

If you are interested in learning more about our Associate Board, please call the Volunteer Coordinator at (773) 278-0484 or email

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