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Program Guide

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Please click on the image at left to open a PDF version of our current Program Guide, which includes the registration form.

See below for a list and description of our current programs.

Youth Programs

  • After School Program
  • Beyond Basketball
  • Open Gym
  • Seasonal Camps (Winter & Spring Break)
  • Summer Camp
  • Weekend Tutoring

Adult Programs

  • Beyond Basketball
  • Citizenship
  • Computer Skills
  • English as a Second Language
  • Open Gym
  • Spanish Classes

SJS at the Workplace


Youth Programs

After School Program

Students gain confidence by receiving individual and group tutoring for homework help to improve grades. They also participate in sports, music, art, cooking, health, leadership and character-building activities. During field trips to museums and cultural landmarks, they gain an appreciation for the world beyond their neighborhood.  Most importantly, they develop friendships with peers equally committed to striving for a positive future.

Beyond Basketball

Staff aid teens in the middle school transition process, providing educational and vocational resources. Staff and teens meet weekly to follow progress.

Open Gym

Youth gather in a safe space to play basketball and connect with positive role models.

Seasonal Camps (Winter & Spring Break)

Students enjoy a week filled with fun activity in a safe environment.  Guided by positive role models, they learn constructive ways to spend the week in sports, art, team-building activities, community service and field trips.

Summer Camp

This all-day camp provides excitement, interest and learning for six weeks each summer.  Students attend field trips and participate in sports, art, team-building, community service and cultural activities.

Weekend Tutoring

Volunteers from Accretive Health share their time on Saturdays to provide tutoring and homework help tutoring youth. After tutoring, volunteers from Francis Parker High School engage the students in an hour of sports.


Adult Programs

Beyond Basketball

Staff match students with relevant job training opportunities, offer employment skills instruction, discuss employment and educational opportunities, and assist in the process of  applying for jobs or returning to school.  Staff and students meet weekly to follow progress until goals are achieved.


The road to achieving citizenship can be confusing and difficult; St. Joseph Services offers assistance that can help ease the journey.

Computer Skills

Beginners learn the basics of manipulating the mouse and keyboard, creating and saving files, accessing the Internet and setting up email.  Students may progress to beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of Microsoft Word and Excel.  Instruction focuses on practical skills like creating a resume, conducting internet job searches, and completing online applications.  Classes provided in English and Spanish.

English as a Second Language

Students learn English in a respectful, nonjudgmental atmosphere with a curriculum customized to achieve goals. Instruction is offered daily by trained, dedicated tutors in a one-on-one or small group setting. Bilingual tutors are available for those Spanish-speaking students who have little to no English fluency.

Open Gym

Adults gather in a safe space to play basketball and connect with positive role models.

Spanish Classes

Classes in basic Spanish language and literacy; offered in small group settings.

SJS at the Workplace

SJS brings its adult literacy programs to businesses throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. Classes are offered before and after shifts for convenient accessibility. Employees and employers realize the benefits with improved communication and job safety.


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